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Reunion Events!

Alumni Relations

Hi Alumni!

If you are planning on heading up to Ithaca to Reunion this year, June 4-7th, come out and spend some time with the band! There is more specific information in the Events Section, but here is an overview at where the band will be playing. Please be aware that times listed are report times for the band, the band will be playing at the events 30 minutes after the reported time.

Friday June 5th

  • 6:30PM – Class of ’80 Dinner (Pep Band)

Saturday, June 6th

  • 11:30 AM – All-Alumni Lunch* (Marching Band)
  • 2:30PM – 150 Fun in the Sun Parade (Marching Band)
  • 6:30 PM – Class of ’85 Dinner (Marching Band)
  • 7:30PM – Class of ’70 Athlete Recognition (Pep Band)
  • 8:15PM --Super Sesquicentennial Supper (Marching Band)
  • 9PM – Procession to Cornelian Night (Marching Band)

We will also be holding a Big Red Bands Alumni reception at the Fischell Band Center (Right behind Schoellkopf Football Field)  on Saturday, June 6th, from 11:30AM to 2PM. Directions to the facilitate are in the map below.

*If you are interested in playing with us at the All Alumni lunch please fill out THIS form  to let us know! Or fill it our right below!

We are super excited to see you all there!

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A Welcome from Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations

Hi Alums!

Its time for Band Notes: Spring 2015 edition. You got to hear a little about us Alumni Chairs in January.. but let us formally introduce ourselves.


Hi everyone! I am Angie Estevez Prada and I am currently a sophomore in the ILR School,  working towards minors in Law & Society and Inequality Studies. I am extremely passionate about women’s rights issues and politics. Fun fact about me: I am originally from Colombia, South America but have lived in a small town in North Carolina for most of my life. Band has been a huge part of my life since I was eight years old. Surprisingly, I thought about not doing band when I came to Cornell, but when I saw the chalkings around campus and the band being so passionate to recruit members during O-Week, I was sold! Currently, I am a member of the Big Red Saxes, but you can also see me carrying around a Horn these days too. Outside of band, I am involved in various women’s rights and empowerment organizations mostly a new organization on campus. I also help publicize Slope Studio, a free arts studio in Willard Straight. You can also find me blabbing on about the news of the day. Marching Band and Pep Band have been so great to me during my time here, and I am excited to have the chance to keep you all updated about band news and events!

And I am Jeff Crosby, a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences.  I am currently a Psychology major, but I am still exploring in areas that interest me such as education and the medical field.  I am from Reading, Pennsylvania, a city that is known for the Reading Railroad in the Monopoly board game and the place where Taylor Swift was born and raised.  I also had the great pleasure of being raised right in between Hershey and Philadelphia.  One of the reasons why I chose Cornell was because they were the home of the only REAL Marching Band in the Ivy League.  I am currently a member of the Big Red Saxes for Marching Band and you can also spot me playing Tone for the Pep Band.  Joining the Big Red Marching Band was the best decision I made freshman year.  I am so excited to see where my journey as a member of the Big Red Bands will take me in my years to come at Cornell.  Even though my time on The Hill has just begun, I am ready to join Angie in being an Alumni Relations Chair to help give back to the Marching Band and Pep Band that have given so much to me already.

We are proud to present this semester’s Band Notes to you all. Included in this edition are tales of Managing a Pep Band through a blizzard, beating the hockey team for a good cause, and creating a brand new BRMB promotional video, as well as updates from our Head Manager and Drum Major! We look forward to seeing some of you for Reunion (June 4-7) and at Homecoming! Check for more information on our events page!

If you have any concerns, questions, or anything you want to let us know about please feel free to reach out to us at ake38@cornell and


Angie Estevez Prada ‘17 and Jeff Crosby ‘18

Updates from the Alumni Association Chair

Lowell Frank

Happy spring!  We’ve long since emerged from the winter that forced Ithaca enthusiasts to direct would-be travelers to Florida (and crashed a site in the process), and I want to update everybody on the latest happenings in the Big Red Bandiverse.

The Advisory Council had its first meeting of the 2015-2016 term on Saturday, February 21.  As a reminder, you can find the membership of the Advisory Council – made up of the Alumni Association officers, student leadership,  and at-large members (as well as advisors and other folks) – here.

The issues discussed in the greatest depth were Pep Band travel expenses and guidelines, punch-list items for the Fischell Band Center (including both functional and aesthetic additions), and acute Marching Band capital needs.

The discussion about the Pep Band was long overdue.  Historically, the Pep Band has never been skipped a postseason trip that the students have wanted to take.  In some years, this has lead to great costs, and in other years… less so (if you pay attention at all to the Band budget, the silver lining of any athletic heartbreak is the bottom line).  Things tended to balance out over the years.  Over the last decade, however, the number of NCAA hockey appearances (and tournament games out west – thank you, selection committee), the rise of women’s ice hockey in both stature and popularity, and a consistently strong lacrosse team have created financial challenges.  A rolling playoff reserve system based on historical data was implemented about 12 years ago, but has never allocated enough funding over its life, resulting in excess expenses.  There is also the issue of student well-being, although admittedly, how onerous the repeated travel is depends on who you ask.  There was a lot of good discussion, and we reached consensus on our recommendations for regular-season pep band travel as follows:

  • The Pep Band will return to staying with the host band for at least some of their hockey trips (pending risk management approval)
  • Given the popularity of the fall Thanksgiving game at Madison Square Garden, we will explore options for paid performances
  • The Pep Band will take four non-playoff trips each year: Harvard/Dartmouth, MSG, and two others based at the discretion of the students

Additionally, we will start a dialogue with the various team coaches about the pressures on the Pep Band to explore other funding options at playoff time.  We hope that team friends and parents would consider offsetting the expenses to allow for uninterrupted support during the various post-seasons.  Our goal is to both reduce costs and increase revenue as well as provide a guideline and expectation for the Pep Band from year to year.  Ironically, the main cause of the issue – the unprecedented success of Cornell’s sports teams – wasn’t apparent this spring.  Cue sad trombone.

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Alumni Beat: Spring 2015

Alumni Relations

Lena Grace Janiga, born April 7, 2015 in New York City, joins Kim Salsbury ‘02Nick Janiga ’00, and big sister Sofia in Brooklyn, NY.  In between changing diapers, tummy time and late night feedings with Lena, mom and dad are nudging Sofia, a violin player, to take up a more sensible marching instrument like trombone.

Congrats to Paul Husserl ’03, who wed Carlye Waxman, a registered dietitian whom he met in the Chelsea Market four years ago. They recently moved to Long Island, where Paul is in private practice as an OB/GYN.

Lowell Frank ’99, MD ’03 was named Director of the Cardiology Fellowship at Children’s National Health System in Washington, DC.  You know, in case any of you are pediatric residents looking to apply.  Hit him up!

Got any interesting updates?  Let us know!


Conducting Down the Days: Senior Conductors Share Perspectives

Alumni Relations

IMG_0156Hey, band alumni!

It’s me again, Anita Mbogoni ’15. I’m a senior Biology & Society major,and I’m thrilled to be serving a second semester as Pep Band Conductor. Additionally, I served as Alumni Relations Chair and Clarinet Section Leader in 2013.

I could not have imagined a better final semester with the Pep Band! We welcomed a bunch of new members this semester (read: freshmen who realized that they missed band once marching season ended), and added a few new songs and cheers to our repertoire (hint: Taylor Swift and Shakira might grace the pages of our folder these days). As usual, the Pep Band was essential to the intense atmosphere at hockey games – including victories against Harvard and Union (senior night) at home and against Colgate and Union on the road during the regular season – and during the postseason for both the men and women. We also supported our stellar basketball squads, and look forward to traveling with our men’s lacrosse team as they begin their postseason campaign.

Whether we’re supporting the Big Red, playing a quick set on Ho Plaza, or performing Pachelbel’s Canon at a wedding, I’m constantly blown away by the band’s energy, enthusiasm, and spirit. Every conductor probably feels this way, but I have never heard the band sound better than it has sounded this semester. Sadly, I can’t bring the Pep Band with me to grad school, but I know that I’ll treasure the memories of this past year forever. The Pep Band is definitely the part of Cornell that I’ll miss the most. It’s been an awesome ride, and I’m honored that I had the opportunity to spend two fantastic semesters in front of such an amazing group of people. I can’t wait to come back and visit Ithaca as a band alumnus. See you (CU?) all at Homecoming!

-Anita Mbogoni ’15


Hey there, alumni!photo (1)

My name is Paul Jackson, a senior in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I’ve been the luckiest member of the band since I’ve been spending my last semester at Cornell doing something I’ve always dreamed of doing: conducting the Big Red Pep Band. I was the treasurer for the pep band in 2013 and one of the Sax section leaders in the marching band last year. I had a blast working in those positions, but I don’t think anything quite compares to leading the pep band at events and rehearsals.

I had to hit the ground running this semester, starting off with a hockey road trip to Union and RPI even before classes began. It was quite the rude awakening how out of shape my arms were at the beginning of a semester — working with Anita to cover 4 hockey and 2 basketball games each weekend was quite the workout! Even throughout the semester, the band has wowed me time and time again as they keep putting on a spectacular performance. With new songs like “Game of Thrones” and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” introduced to the music repertoire, the band has turned heads in Lynah and Schoellkopf as we show off our fresh new sound while still keeping up with the classics.

I can’t believe how fortunate I’ve been and will always remember moments (both big and small) from this semester. I’ve loved each moment, from playing at Downtown Crossing in Boston before our game at Lynah East to having a blast at the band’s very first tennis match! I will sorely miss it all next year when I head to Princeton next year for grad school. Oh, if only they had a half-decent band…

-Paul Jackson ’15

The Old Michaela is Out and the New Michaela is In!

Alumni Relations

Hey, all! It’s me again—Michaela Olson, your 2014 and 2015 drum major! Emily has gone over all of our wonderful spring events in her article, and I went over all of the past fall in my last article, so I’ll keep this one (fairly) brief. As a refresher, I’m formerly of the trumpet section (and still spend a lot of time there for pep band!) and currently studying Materials Science Engineering. The band has been plenty busy with our regular spring activities (spring concert, Cornell Days) as well as an addition of sesqui-stuff (and I’ve been plenty busy with learning how to spell sesquicentennial) to commemorate Cornell’s 150th anniversary. Charter Day weekend is coming soon, and I’m excited for the band to continue to be a part of the big celebration.

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Head(Manage)ing on an Adventure: Spring Semester 2015

Alumni Relations

emily Hey everyone! My name is Emily Isenstein and I couldn’t be more thrilled to serve as theBig Red Marching Band’s Head Manager in 2015! As a flute in Marching Band and a horn in Pep Band, this organization has sure kept me busy over the last few years, and I can’t wait to give back to the group of people that has given me a family and a home here at Cornell. After serving as Fundraising Chair and Treasurer these last two years, I have a pretty good idea of how things operate, but I’m sure this year will be quite the adventure!

In March we eased the Band back into things with our annual appearance at Hotel Ezra Cornell, where we help commence the entirely student-run program at the Statler. At the end of the month, I was able to work with Pep Band Manager Henry to put on the Band’s first ever live-streamed concert for Cornell’s inaugural Giving Day! We spent a lot of time figuring out how set up the cameras, but the day was a roaring success and we managed to raise over $26,000 for the Band in a mere 24 hours! Thank you again to everyone who supported us!

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Managing Pep: The Good, The Bad, The Blizzards

Alumni Relations

Hello Beloved Alumni!ewww

My name is Henry Smith but everyone in band calls me Pinto! I am delighted to be the 2015 Pep Band Manager. A little about me, I’m a sophomore from the Boston area who is studying Industrial and Labor Relations. I also play trumpet in both marching and pep band. I’ve fallen in love with both but my love of hockey makes Pep Band just that much better. Coming into the manager position as a sophomore has its challenges but the band has been incredibly awesome on trips, at home and just in general. I have certainly been greatly helped by two awesome senior conductors, Anita Mbogoni ’15 (in her second straight conducting semester) and Paul Jackson ’15. They have been phenomenal in helping me where my youth leaves gaps and extremely cooperative in incorporating some of my ideas.

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Promoting the Band in a New Way

Alumni Relations

Hi All! This past year, a collaboration was born between two Publicity Chairs and a Historian to create an informational, promotional video for the Big Red Marching Band! Sarah Palmer ’17, Julia Cole ’17, and myself created this video as a way to give potential bandies a better understanding of what it means to JOIN BAND! As Publicity Chairs, Julia and I both encountered several common questions among prefreshmen and transfers alike. Things like … How is the time commitment? Do I need my own instrument? Why should I join band? Can I learn a new instrument? When are rehearsals? And so on.  Together with Sarah, we wanted to create something to direct attention, as well as to answer some of these questions.

Throughout the Fall Semester we gathered footage of the band at games, rehearsals, and in candid. Together with more formal interviews, we brought the video together this semester. We hoped to get perspectives from members from various sections and years in the band to create a general understanding of what it means to be a BRMB member! There were definitely struggles throughout the journey, but the end product is amazing! Take a look for yourself here:

We are very proud of our work and we hope the band will be able to use this video to attract more band members for many years to come! We hope you all enjoy it too.


Angie Estevez Prada ’17

Girls Just Want to Have FUNds: Pink the Rink Edition

Alumni Relations

Hello Everyone!

Sarah Palmer (Pefundraising2015p Band Fundraising Co-Chair) here to tell you the incredible tale of the band who dreamed, and succeeded, at defeating a hockey team.

The Pep Band stepped out of the shadowy section A and onto the ice for the annual Pink the Rink competition. Pink the Rink is an effort to raise money and awareness for the battle against breast cancer. The hockey team sponsors the event to help the student body get involved. Elizabeth Martinson (The Other Co-Chair) and I, both came to the realizations that as an integral part of the Lynah experience the Pep Band should make their presence known. We wanted to show how the pep band cares about Lynah and the important fight against a deadly disease. The Pink the Rink website clearly displays who has donated and how they compare to the others. The Pep Band was making a poor showing, several sororities were above us; it was embarrassing. Originally Liz and I simply asked the band to follow the links in our sassy emails to donate. We told them the prizes from winning the competition and hoped they would take the initiative. Soon we realized if we really wanted to make a difference we had to up the ante. We spoke to the conductors and secured a warm-up set for the Friday game. This formed another layer of competition between the sections, for a chance to pick three songs.

Pitting the sections against each other was the holy grail of fundraising ideas. Simultaneously we were tapping into the bands pride in the Pep Band, and their particular section. Like Monty Python and his knights the sections threw themselves into the noble quest. Liz and I made sure that the band was very aware of the standings of their section. Leaders were congratulated. Those who dawdled were playful taunted. “Your mothers are hamsters and your fathers smell of elderberries.” Not really, but we did have to overcome some French Canadians to win. Donations came in waves, usually following an email. Liz did a fantastic job of logging all the funds as they came in. The Pep band came out and represented our organization. Everyone who went on the fundraiser website could see the Pep Band proudly displayed. The competition got the bands blood flowing, but it was the overall display of altruism that won the day. This disease has affected many people and they converted their pain into donations for the cause. Liz and I never imagined that in a few days we would overtake most of the other organizations. Even once we passed them the Hockey Team still seemed like an impossible goal. They were a furry white tail in the distance, but in a flash this tortoise of a pep band overtook
them and crossed the finish line.

Liz and I are proud that as fundraising chairs for Spring 2015 we were able to bring the band into the Pink the Rink fundraiser and assert the band’s place in the Lynah Faithful.

-Sarah Palmer ’17

What’s the Big Intrigue? It’s 2015! Information for the Upcoming Semester

Alumni Relations

What a year! From Boston to New York, from Broadway to Pixar, we did quite a bit this fall semester. It was incredibly fun and we can’t wait to see what the next year will bring. It was a pleasure to meet you all.


Angie and Jeff!

Here comes the new year which means a new era of Alumni Chairs! Presenting your 2015 Alumni Chairs: Angie Estevez Prada ’17 and Jeff Crosby ’18.

We are both very excited to work with you all while keeping you updated on all the band’s shenanigans. Don’t worry, there will be more on us later.

Here’s what you really want to know:

The Big Red Bands Annual Phonathon will occur on January 21st and on February 4th from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00p.m. Keep on a look out for a call from a current member of the Big Red Bands during these dates. We love hearing from you! Your donations to the band help us continue on year after year, we really appreciate everything you give.

If you would like to give to the bands by alternative means, please feel free to follow this link. or contact our Fundraising Chairs Dara Canchester ’18 ( and Allie Bichoupan ’18 ( with any questions.

The Big Red Pep Band  is coming near you! We are confirmed to be traveling on the following dates:

January 17th & 18th at Union and RPI

February 13th & 14th at Harvard and Dartmouth

February 27th & 28 at Brown and Yale

Come out and support our Men’s Hockey team while getting the chance to spend time with our amazing Pep Band! There’s nothing quite like being a part of the Lynah Faithful again!

Let us know if you have any questions, we can be reached via email at and

Looking forward to a great year,

Angie and Jeff


A Farewell to Alums

Alumni Relations
our picture!

A Red-Letter Homecoming!

Greetings and Salutations Alumni!

This is Anjum and Emily, come to bid you farewell. Our term is drawing to a close and we feel the time is ripe to bring out our handkerchiefs, and get extremely teary-eyed in expressing how much we have enjoyed and cherished our time serving as your Alumni Relations chairs this past year. We loved meeting you and hearing your stories and experiences with the band. We are so glad and proud of the successful transition to the band’s new website and we hope this change to digital communication has been a smooth conversion for everyone. That being said, this transition is still a work in progress, and we welcome any feedback you have. 2015 is nearly at an end and with it, our term in Bandstaph. But never fear, a new generation of Alumni Relations chairs will continue our shining legacy to keep you updated on all the band news. It was a great year, and there are still many more to come!

-Anjum ’16 and Emily ‘16