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Thanks for the Memories: Notes from the 2019 Head Manager

Alumni Relations

HEY ALUMNI!Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 3.13.36 PM

This past year has given me experiences that I will remember for a lifetime! I am a leader in other organizations on Cornell campus, and I can truly say that there is no other group that comes close to encompassing the Cornell pride and spirit as the Big Red Band does at all of our performances.

The start of the season began with new recruitment events as move-in transitioned into a 2-day event with recruiting outside of Barton Hall no longer possible. With the Orientation Steering Committee, we developed a new strategy to recruit members, which brought us nearly 150 students to auditions. With the Nines closed, a new tradition began of holding First Night in Willard Straight Hall with food provided to members by Shortstop Deli and paid for by the Band. Vice President of Student and Campus Life Ryan Lombardi made a special appearance at our first night of performances and shared his meaningful band experiences.

We had an exciting marching season with multiple exciting and fulfilling travels. Our first trip involved a performance at Herald Square before the Yale football game. Next, we celebrated the 50th Year of Women in the Band at Homecoming where our Show Committee designed The Women Empowerment Show. The following week we attended the Harvard football game in Boston with a concert at the Faneuil Hall. We then had 3 home football games, which included one under the Friday night lights. We travelled to UPenn at the beginning of November and closed the season at our final home game against Columbia where we ended the football season with “Cornell Victorious.” All of our trips this semester had an attendance of approximately 160 band members!

Outside of football games, our first Philanthropy Coordinator Oscar Tendilla offered numerous community service opportunities to band members early in the fall such as building homes through Habitat for Humanity. The Drumline dawned a new, all-black percussion set this season. The Uniform Committee is in the final stages of selecting a new uniform that the Band will wear for the next decade. Our relationship with Neil Adams, Ithaca College Instrument Repairman, was strengthened over the past few months. The Big Red Band is so grateful for Neil’s work on repairing our instruments and approximately 30 instruments that were previously unusable are now in working condition.

Throughout the semester, it was necessary to ensure administration’s expectations of the Band were upheld. Numerous traditions were reformed with our advisor to ensure our new members were given the most positive experiences in an inclusive environment.

I encourage alumni interested in the operations of the Band to reach out to the BRBAA council. Student leaders go to the council for support throughout their time overseeing the Band. Through the BRBAA council, you can voice your opinions and truly ensure that they fulfill their purpose of supporting a student-run Band.

I will always be supporting my successor and cheering on my underclassmen! Being Head Manager of the Big Red Marching Band was the most challenging position I have ever taken on, especially during a time of change on Cornell campus. As a first generation student, the Band gave me a sense of belonging and a home during my first month at Cornell. I will forever remember watching the Band empower female leaders!


Jill Crosby  ’21


Notes from the Pep Band Manager

Alumni Relations


I have had such a blast being Pep Band Manager! I am so grateful to have had this experience and have made so many amazing memories and gained really valuable experience leading such a fun group of people! Being the manager is so rewarding and I love watching how happy our performances make members, athletes, and all of the spectators in the stands!

Summer with the Pep Band was really nice – we played at reunion and the Racker’s Rival charity hockey game. We even had a rehearsal! Then, we got all ready for O-week and recruitment went great! Everywhere was all chalked up and we got over 100 sign-ups! Attendance at rehearsal and events has been outstanding and we have new members from all different years.

I am super happy that hockey season is starting up again. Everyone in the group is so hype and Red/White was SO amazing! The drumline has been performing the Big Red Rave before all of the Men’s and almost all of the Women’s games. We have some awesome AWAY TRIPS to look forward to:

Friday, December 6th: Men’s Hockey vs. Harvard (at Harvard)

Saturday, December 7th: Men’s Hockey vs. Dartmouth (at Dartmouth)

In addition to hockey, of course, this semester we have performed at Women’s and Men’s Soccer, Field Hockey, Volleyball, and Sprint Football. We can’t wait for the wrestling matches later this month! We also played at so many other fun events like Procrastinate at the Straight, ClubFest, and other graduation performances that we got paid for!

Our teams are preforming great this semester. As usual, our Men’s and Women’s Hockey teams are killing it. Men’s Soccer just beat Harvard 6-0 for a huge win. Volleyball is undefeated in the Ivy League, and Field Hockey is ranked top 25 in the country. It is so wonderful that we get the chance to play for these fabulous athletes.

I would like to thank my amazing conductors this semester, Bekah Koutereba and Casandra “Clover” Moisanu for their support, enthusiasm, dedication, and organization. Everyone on the Pep Band board has helped me so much and I am so grateful for their willingness to participate and their love of the Pep Band. It has been so much fun working with the Big Three! I am so happy with all of our members, new and old, and seeing people enjoy Pep Band makes the experience all the more worthwhile.

Although I am sad that I will not be manager anymore in a few months, I have loved this experience and gotten so much out of it and it really has been unforgettable. Alumni, if you are ever around for a game, make sure to stop and say hi! I am so excited to see someone take my place and I wish them the best of luck! Thank you again to the Big Red Bands for letting me have this incredible opportunity!

Natalie Parker ‘20


Section Shenanigans

Alumni Relations

The Flutes have nearly doubled iflutes 2n size in the past two years, becoming the second largest section in the BRMB! With nearly 40 members, we continued many of our old traditions, such as Fancy Flute, flute-upping, and stealing the Tubas’ hats during Power, while also adding new traditions, like Soup Sunday at Flute House and making cat puzzles during movie nights. With our season halfway over, we look forward to decorating our boxers for Penn and amoeba-ing to cope with the chilly fall weather! Thank you to all the alumni that joined us during Homecoming. It was wonderful seeing you all, and we send our flove to those who could not make it. <3



clarinetsThis fall, the Clarinets have continued to excel. We welcomed a group of wonderful new members to our section. We also won the scavenger hunt for the fourth time in five years. In celebration of Halloween, we carved some beautiful pumpkins. We had a super fun game night featuring Jackbox Games and the classic Jumbling Tower. Homecoming was a blast once again, as we reunited with our beloved Olds. Soon, we plan on having a clarinet crafts + Taylor Swift night. And to wrap up the semester, we will have our annual clarinet gift exchange. Stay tuned for more nifty ‘net news.




The Saxes have been working harsaxesd to foster a sense of community and friendship in the section, especially with the freshmen. From outings like apple picking at Indian Creek Farm or simply hosting a viewing of Over the Garden Wall to start off the fall. To make sure saxhouse is a home for everyone in the section we’ve been hosting a chill Wednesday night study session where we hang out and do our homework together. This also makes sure that no matter what there’s always a night where you can see the section even if you have a particularly busy week because in the following week you can come to saxhouse. We’ve also continued with the tradition started by Brian Scaramella ‘18 of rehearsing sax cheers after Thursday night rehearsals and have even gotten to reintroduce Benny Hill to our repertoire and add a brand new cheer, Megolavania from the video game Undertale, written by James Calano ‘22!

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 10.42.20 AMThe Trumpets have been gifted an incredible class of new members this fall! We have some fantastic people joining our ranks, and I couldn’t be more proud or excited for the future of the section. Other than looking and sounding perfect all season, the Trumpets have expanded our repertoire for third quarter cheers. We’ve added some new arrangements, such as “Remember Me” arranged by Buckets ‘20, as well as bringing back some oldies like “Tetris” and “Monty Python”. Off the field, we celebrated the Autumn season with a harvest-themed feast while watching the series “Over the Garden Wall,” and we’re all looking forward to our holiday celebration later this semester. Both of these efforts are spearheaded by our lovely Andrew Ardizzone ‘20, the 2019 Hannah Sollecito Trumpet Mom. We had a lot of Trumpets in power this year (as they should be), notably Buckets “Justin” Kozma ‘20 as Drum Major, Spinmaster Peter VandeVort ‘21 as ShowComm Chair, and Mantis ‘22 as the finest warrior the band has ever seen. Thank you all for the best season a sappy senior could imagine!



The Horns have been having an amazing fall semester so far and look forward to our remaining games! We have four wonderful new freshmen: Caroline, Scott, Isaac, and Chris, none of whom like Hawaiian pizza. We will be sad to see our seniors Emma, Kelly, Emily, and Nile march their last show this season, and wish them the best of luck in thefuture! The horns continue to bond over Jackbox games and temporary tattoos on away trips and we now have our very own Horn Hub (Max and Daniel’s apartment) where we host all our wholesome horn events!



Da Bones are thriving amidst the boneschaos of the fall semester. We just saw many of you for the SECOND DOUBLE GRAND BONECOMING and I’m proud to say that we brought the service at The Pines to a damn near standstill. They say that the Ithaca infrastructure is still recovering from having the center of the universe being shifted to it for a weekend. If you couldn’t make it this year, no need to fret, the bones aren’t going anywhere any time soon (thanks to bone inertia) so we’ll catch you next time. This season we’ve welcomed many great freshmen into our ranks, including a large number of tones. Our first couple practices were so well attended that showcomm offered us another rank. Even as our football team…well… performs, the Bones have been killing it on and off the field, and we’re just as excited as ever for the start of hockey season. Peace and Bones!




The Tuba section now plays the tuning note instead of the trumpets. We have a newish website too, so be sure to check it out.







The Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 2.52.27 PMGuard is fully in the swing of things this marching season! We welcomed several new sophomores and one freshman this year, and sometimes we need to use more than 12 practice silks! This season started out with an awesome visit to Yale, and the day before that we performed on the streets of New York City outside Macy’s. Yale was followed by a Homecoming full of friends old and new, where our show celebrated 50 years of women in the marching band! The guard continues to hold the position of best 3rd quarter snack, most recently bringing an electric griddle and making fresh pancakes, which were very well received by all. From nose-booping to pineapples, one could say we have developed some interesting new inside jokes as a section, but tag-yourself memes still make appearances! Mac-n-cheese remains a strong tradition, and we’re so glad to be developing new ones every year. This season’s been a good one so far, and we’ve still got a ways to go! The guard is looking forward to the rest of the semester, and we’re excited for the future.

The Percussion section declines to provide information. They are not cool enough for BandNotes, evidently.

Senior Perspective

Alumni Relations

Being a senior in band feels strange, since this isn’t my first time being in this situation. I knew I was going to join band before I got to Cornell, since I had marched all through high school. But I didn’t know how much fun I would have in the Big Red Marching Band, or how it would come to define my college experience. When I walked up to the band room for auditions in August 2016, I was honestly a bit intimidated. There were so many people I didn’t know, and everyone was overwhelmingly friendly for a shy little freshman like me. But I decided to stick with it through First Night and beyond, and that was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my time at Cornell. Joining band, and specifically the sax section (the best section in the only real band in the Ivy League), gave me my first community at Cornell, and getting to know upperclassmen was especially helpful for me as I navigated my first few semesters.

The band has gone through a lot of changes in my time at Cornell, and sometimes it’s been hard to watch certain traditions fade away to make room for a new culture. Despite my nostalgia for the way the band used to be, I believe that these changes are truly for the best, and I’m excited to see where the band goes once I leave. What has most impressed me is that, amidst the external pressure for us to move in a different direction, the band internally has stayed intact. Above all, we want to preserve the organization that has given us each so much, and we want to make it as fun and inclusive as we can.

I’ve had (almost) four incredible years with the Big Red Marching Band, and I wouldn’t have wanted to live my Cornell experience any other way. It will be hard to see the band go on without me and my fellow seniors, but it will be equally satisfying to come back as an alum and see it flourish under new leadership. I can’t wait to wear my alumni sweater with pride!

Katie Sadoff ~20


Homecoming 2019

Alumni Relations

Hey Alumni!

Homecoming is October 5th, and we couldn’t be more excited! In less than a month, you will have the chance to reunite with old classmates and connect with the current members of the BRMB. If you plan on attending, please sign up here

General Schedule for Homecoming

  • 9:30 AM- Open meeting of the Big Red Bands Alumni Association at the Fischell Band Center, during which bagels and coffee will be served
  • 10:20 AM- Special rehearsal for students and alumni
  • 11:30 AM- Alumni luncheon at the Fischell Band Center
  • 1:45 PM- Concert on Kite Hill
  • 3:00 Kickoff
  • ~4:30- Estimated Halftime performance
  • ~6:00 PM Post-game concert on Kite Hill

This year we are celebrating 50 years of women in the marching band. In honor of the women of the BRMB, past and present, the theme of the Homecoming show is Empowerment. To mark this occasion, the Homecoming song will not be from the folder, but rather, Aretha Franklin’s “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman”. You can find the music here, and we encourage you to look at it ahead of time. We will also be holding a special rehearsal on Saturday to rehearse the piece before its debut. Join us at the Fischell Band Center to participate!

We look forward to seeing you in October!


August Update

Alumni Relations

Hey Alumni!

August is quickly coming to a close, and students are heading back to the hill to start another year of studying, working, and most importantly, being a member of the Big Red Bands! We’re so excited to see our returning members and recruit new people into the best organization on campus. Looking further forward into this semester, we have several events at which we hope to see alumni.

2019 Homecoming

Homecoming this year is October 5, 2019! We hope to see many of you at the Big Red Bands tailgate luncheon, which will be held at 11:30 AM in the Fischell Band Center. If you plan on attending the luncheon, or would like to request music or an instrument to play during the halftime show, please fill out the form attached here.  As we get closer to the game, we will update the BRBAA website with a more precise schedule for the day.

2019 Marching Band Away Trips

September 27, 2019- performance at Herald Square, NYC 7:00 PM

September 28, 2019 at Yale

October 11, 2019- performance at Quincy Market, Boston 7:00 PM

October 12, 2019 at Harvard

November 9, 2019 at Penn

2019 Pep Band Away Trips

November 30, 2019- Madison Square Garden trip- Alumni seats will be in section 219 and 220!

December 6-7, 2019- Harvard/ Dartmouth trip

Additionally, we have recently learned from Athletics that Phonathon will be held in the fall rather than the spring this year. Expect calls on October 2nd and October 20th.


We hope to see you at some of the exciting events we have planned for this semester!


Julia Klopfer ’20 and Diane Sutyak ’20, Alumni Relations Chairs


Reunion 2019

Alumni Relations

Hey Alumni!

Planning on returning to the hill for reunion this year? RSVP for the Big Red Bands luncheon, held on Saturday, June 8 at 11:30 in the Fischell Band Center. Hope to see you there!


Your Spring 2019 BandNotes

Alumni Relations

AR smallHey Alumni!

We are Julia Klopfer and Diane Sutyak, your 2019 Alumni Relations Chairs! We are excited to introduce ourselves and present the Spring 2019 BandNotes. Julia Klopfer is a junior in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences from Marblehead, Massachusetts. She has previously served as Treasurer and Alumni Relations Chair. Diane Sutyak is a junior in the College of Engineering from York, Pennsylvania. She has previously served as ShowComm Chair and Flute Section Leader. We have both had phenomenal experiences on Bandstaph, and are happy to return as co-chairs.

We are excited to say that Band is full swing this semester. We’re very busy keeping old traditions, while developing new traditions. Observe some aardvarking during Spring Concert, or some fresh new moves parading on Dragon Day! It may not be Fall, but the Band keeps busy spreading spirit around campus.


Julia Klopfer ’20 & Diane Sutyak ’20

And now presenting the only REAL Spring 2018 BandNotes Articles in the Ivy League!

From your new Advisory Council Chair

Alumni Relations

Greetings Big Red Bands Alumni-

Welcome to this spring’s edition of Band Notes. I am honored to begin my term serving the BRBAA Advisory Council as Chair. We have many exciting priorities for the Big Red Bands in the coming years, and I look forward to working closely with the alumni, students, and Cornell support staff who help keep the bands going forward strongly year in and year out.

Before I share a few updates with you about the Advisory Council, I would like to first extend a thank you to my predecessor, Lowell Frank ’99, who has stepped down after almost two decades of service to the AC (the last 6 of which as Chair). Lowell has incomparable enthusiasm for all things Cornell and has a particular passion for the Big Red Bands. His energy will be missed by our group, but we know we can count on him to cheer us on from the sidelines. On a personal note, I very much appreciate the example Lowell has set for excellence in leading our organization.

Next, I am happy to announce that our slate of officers for the 2019-20 Advisory Council is now complete, with the addition of four at-large members. Thank you to each of these individuals for volunteering their time, traveling to Ithaca twice per year for meetings, and bringing their wisdom to the table as we advance the priorities of our organization:

Chair: Brian Adelman ’09 (formerly Vice-Chair)
Vice-Chair: Tom Seery ’09 (formerly at-large member)
Treasurer: Adam Mangano Drenkard ’11 (staying on)
Resource Chair: Nick Janiga ’00 (staying on)
Secretary: Michelle Yanda ’15 (staying on)
Events Coordinator: Emily Isenstein ‘16 and Cameron Glass ’13 (staying on and former at-large member)

At Large Members: Steven Albanese ’14 (returning), Ilyse Cody ’02, Duncan Perry ’84, and Scott Pesner ’87 (returning)

Next, at our February Advisory Council meeting, we established three work groups to create focus areas for 2019:

-Student & University Engagement: As some of you know, the bands have just completed a year-long review of their organizational practices with the Office of the Judicial Administrator and the Department of Athletics. Cornell’s new president, Martha Pollack, has identified the elimination of hazing on campus as a top priority for all campus groups, including Greek letter organizations and athletic teams. To supplement the hard work of our student leadership to amend the Constitution and ensure the bands’ activities comply with university standards, the alumni workgroup brainstormed ways to better support our student leaders in the coming years. We have found that opening lines of communication among students, alumni, and Cornell staff will be crucial as we continue to adjust to new expectations of conduct in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for further communication on this topic; we may seek additional alumni support for our students in this initiative.

-Uniforms: The Marching Band is due for a new look! The Band has been using the current uniforms since fall 2009, and this year’s leadership is excited to design, develop, and order brand new uniforms. Thanks to the careful planning by Adam (Treasurer) and Nick (Resource Chair), our finances are in order to make this purchase for Fall 2020. Emily Isenstein ’16 is working alongside current Head Manager Jill Crosby ’21 to ensure this project finishes on time!

-Long-Term Planning: I am happy to report that our organization is in a strong financial standing. The Band continues to enjoy tremendous support from alumni and friends who contribute annual gifts. In addition, the Second Century endowment fund supports more than a third of the band’s annual operation as well. Our Long-Term Planning workgroup began considering the next chapter of the Big Red Bands. Given the rising expenses of operating the organization each year, this group is working on how we can reduce our reliance on annual giving in the future and create a bit more cushion in our budget. Again, more to come on this exciting topic, so stay tuned!

Most importantly, I wish to thank all of our generous alumni and friends for your support over the years. Each of you who have contributed to the band, attended a game, marched with us along Fifth Avenue, or hummed along to Alma Chimes Evening on a Saturday night in the fall has had an important impact on the student experience.

I welcome any and all feedback or suggestions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at


Brian Adelman ‘09
Chair, BRBAA Advisory Council
Chicago, IL

Marching into the Next Era- Notes from the Marching Band Head Manager

Alumni Relations


My name is Jill Crosby, and I am honored to be the 2019 Head Manager of the only REAL Marching Band in the Ivy League. I am a sophomore Policy Analysis and Management major in the College of Human Ecology and am preparing to attend law school after graduation. I have been a member of the Sax and Tuba sections for the past two years since I made the amazing decision to join band! I am proud to serve the band with Buckets, our new Drum Major, and leading our very dedicated and growing Bandstaph! Almost all of my time is spent doing work for the band. When I see a member’s smiling face at an event, I know all of the energy I put into our organization is well worth it!

Our spring semester began with our annual Phonathon and live-streamed Giving Day concert. Thank you to the 432 donors that helped the band raise over $32,541 on Giving Day! The Band would not be the same without the consistent and overwhelming support of our alumni. We paraded for the first time in 2019 for our annual Hotel Ezra Cornell Kickoff performance. The Alma Mater could be heard throughout Statler Hall, and students enjoyed hearing the Marching Band as their Introduction to Wines class began.

The saxophone section performed cheers at the International Gala as part of the Band’s Philanthropy, Diversity, & Inclusion initiative this semester. The Marching Band will be more active in the Cornell and Ithaca community this year with special performances to support clubs on campus and volunteering opportunities. The addition of the Philanthropy Coordinator to our Bandstaph has allowed this initiative to be possible. Congratulations to Oscar Tendilla for being the first Philanthropy Coordinator of the Big Red Marching Band!

We had our first meetings for Our History in Photos initiative where band members, led by Alex Coy ’21, are scanning decades of scrapbooks in the band office to be uploaded to the band’s new photo storage site. We will be revealing the many photos prior to reunion. Also, the New Marching Band Uniform Committee met to discuss the redesign and purchase of new uniforms for the band’s future. I am overjoyed to have committed members donating so much of their time to improving our organization.

Prior to Spring Break, the band will perform for Dragon Day celebrations. We will conclude this historical parade with a special performance outside of Sibley Hall. When band members return to Ithaca, we will join together for multiple music rehearsals and practice for our performance at Relay for Life. Band members will participate in this meaningful event as we donate our time to this special cause. Of course, the band members will perform on Ho Plaza and another new location for Cornell Days. We will be performing on April 19th, 22nd, and 25th to recruit more members of our band family. This year we will also perform at CALS Day 2019! Bring A Child To Work Day will be hosted in the Fischell Band Center, and we will share our love of music with interested families. Finally, we will perform our annual Spring Concert in the Ithaca Commons on April 27th at 12:00 PM.

The Band will celebrate our amazing seniors as they hang up their uniforms and put on their Alumni sweaters during Commencement Weekend. Reunion will be arriving with the summer heat on June 7th through 9th, and the Marching Band will perform at numerous events for our alumni.

We are also ready to announce the schedule for the fall season! The band will be travelling to Yale where we will take a short stop in New York City for a performance in Herald Square on September 27th. Next, Cornell will celebrate Homecoming on October 4th and 5th. The Big Red Bands will celebrate 50 Years of Women during Homecoming with special performances, events, and recognitions. Mark your calendars and plan your return to Ithaca for this memorable experience. The Band will travel the very next week to Harvard on October 11th where we will perform at the Quincy Market! Our final trip will take place at Penn(sucks) on November 8th. If you have any questions about events, email, the BRMB’s new official contact, for any information needed.

It is going to be an absolutely phenomenal year as our Band continues to evolve and grow with new members. It is my pleasure to serve the Big Red and create enjoyable experiences for our members, audience, and alumni. Catch me wearing a red dress and singing Evening Song arm in arm with Buckets!

-Jill Crosby ’21



Spring 2019 Notes from the Drum Major

Alumni Relations

Buckets smallHey Alumni!
My name is Buckets (some of you may know me as Justin) Kozma and I am the Drum Major for 2019! I am a junior Animal Science major, on the Pre-Veterinary track, from Randolph, NJ. My home while at Cornell, however, is the lovable and mighty Trumpet section. Outside of the Big Red Bands, I am a Hunter R. Rawlings III Research Scholar, currently working at the Wildlife Health Center on a research project involving native wildlife and rodenticide levels. Furthermore, I volunteer my time at the Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Hospital near East Hill Plaza feeding, handling, and treating the injured wildlife of the area.

Now that you know a little about me, it’s time to get into the current state of the Band! We started off the year strong in March by having our first music rehearsal where we not only worked on those beloved difficult concert songs such as “Firebird” and “The Hand That Feeds,” but we also said hello to the newest member of the folder, “Phantom of the Opera.” The following week, we paraded through campus and into the Statler Hotel to kick off the annual Hotel Ezra Cornell event! It was our first time parading and performing this semester, so the Band had a blast getting back into the swing of things. The next day, we had our Giving Day concert. Thank you so much for voting for your favorite songs and tuning in, it was a blast! In April, we have a lot of events and rehearsals to help spread school spirit, from Cornell Days to CALS Day. On April 27th, we will be having our annual Spring Concert in the Ithaca Commons, so if you are nearby or in town, make sure to come see us!

Looking ahead, Homecoming is October 4-5 this year and we are celebrating the 50th year of Women in the Band! We are making this a very large event and would love every single one of you to join us for this momentous occasion. Because of such extravagance, the Homecoming song this year is going to be a dedication to all of the women of the band rather than a song traditionally picked from the folder. The song will be “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin and it will be added to the concert folder as a tribute to the celebration of our history. The arrangement for the song will be sent out well in advance to give all a chance to practice! Other notable events occurring in the fall will be our Yale Trip and Herald Square Performance in late September, Harvard Trip and Quincy Market Performance in mid-October, and Penn(Sucks) trip in mid-November. I hope to see you all at least at one of the upcoming performances this year! Whether that be Spring Concert, Reunion, Homecoming, or some other game, feel free to come and say hi, celebrate your times in the Big Red Bands, and remember the good old days on the hill (yes, THAT hill!)

And most importantly…Go Red (Dammit)!

Justin “Buckets” Kozma, Drum Major, Class of ‘20