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Big Red Bands Giving Day

Alumni Relations

Hey Big Red Bands Alumni!

Looking for an opportunity to reminisce about your days far above Cayuga’s waters? Cornell’s annual Giving Day is coming up on Thursday, March 14! As always, we’ll be posting some fun memories and photos on all of our social media pages. Check them out, and add your own! We love hearing about your favorite memories from your days on the hill. Use the hashtags #RememberTheBand and #CornellGivingDay to give us a better chance of winning bonus funds. This year, we are also celebrating 50 years of women in the Big Red Marching Band! We’ll be using the hashtag #50YearsOfWomenInBRMB in posts about all of the amazing contributions that women have had to the organization. Past Giving Days have been incredibly successful for the Bands thanks to your generous support. If you’ll be making a donation to Cornell on the 14th, please consider allocating some of your donation to the Big Red Bands by visiting our fundraising page.

In addition, we’ll be celebrating Giving Day with a concert, live-streamed from the Fischell Band Center! Tune in at 7:00pm ET on March 14 to hear your favorite Marching and Pep Band songs. Follow this link for the live stream!

Thank you for your continued support of the Big Red Bands! This #CornellGivingDay , #RememberTheBand !