Governance and Contacts

The purposes of the Big Red Bands Alumni Association (BRBAA) are to ensure the financial stability of the Big Red Bands, to preserve the student-run nature of the Bands, to promote interaction among Band alumni and between Band members past and present, and to assist the Bands in the achievement of their goals.

The Big Red Bands Advisory Council meets twice a year and manages the long-term goals of the bands. The Advisory Council is made up of BRBAA officers, undergraduate band officers, at-large alumni members, and members of the university administration.

Alumni members are elected for two-year terms by the membership of BRBAA, undergraduate band officers serve for one year, and administration officials serve ex officio.


2018 Big Red Bands Advisory Council

2018 BRBAA Officers

  • ChairLowell Frank ’99, M.D. ’03 (Washington, DC)
  • Vice Chair: Brian Adelman ’09 (Chicago, IL)
  • Treasurer: Adam Mangano Drenkard ’11 (New York, NY)
  • Resource Chair: Nick Janiga ’00 (New Haven, CT)
  • Secretary: Michelle Yanda ’15 (Washington, DC)
  • Events Coordinators: Steve Albanese ’14 / Emily Isenstein ’16 (New York, NY)

2018 At-Large Members

  • Tom Seery ’09
  • Scott Pesner ’87
  • Cameron Glass ’13
  • Stephanie Richmond ’11

2018 Student Members


  • Athletics Advisor: Steve Caraher
  • Advisor: Mark McCarthy ’86

Additional Contacts