Introducing Your 2022 Pep Band Managers

Zakir+7Hi All!

This is Aiden and Zakir, the 2022 Pep Band Managers. We had an early January election, despite that setback, everything is running fairly well. The semester started slowly while arrival tests and virtual classes kept us to limited numbers at limited events, but after those first two weeks, we are up and (almost) fully running! We have had amazing attendance at all of our events and have been sounding pretty good, in our, potentially biased, opinion.

While Cornell’s restrictions have lifted slightly, allowing us to perform at our standard 51 members for men’s hockey and at a variety of other events, some other universities have not eased in the same way. We were able to add a day trip to Colgate to our planned two overnight trips, the first to Union and RPI, the second to Quinnipiac and Princeton. Unfortunately, both of these trips had to be canceled since Union, RPI, and Quinnipiac all still have restrictions in place. We were fortunate to fit in a day trip to Princeton which was super fun!

So far we have cheered on men’s and women’s hockey and basketball, and we finally got to a wrestling match! We’re getting ready for playoff season as the Men’s Basketball team has reached the Ivy Tournament and will be playing Princeton in the semi-final, and the Men’s hockey team is looking to dash Colgate’s hopes in their quarterfinal series. While hockey has home ice and the backing of a Lynah that is back to full force, the basketball team, as well as half of the band, will be shipping up to Boston. We’re getting ready to pep the heck out of both events, Let’s Go Red!

As the weather gradually improves we’re getting excited about playing at other spring events. We look forward to playing at lacrosse and baseball games and taking opportunities to cheer on some more unique sports as well. The semester so far has been fun and the rest of the season is brimming with potential! That’s all from us for now!

Humbly yours,

Aiden Thomas and Zakir Ahmad ‘23