Notes from Your Fall 2022 Pep Band Conductors

Hi All!

We are Elliot (they/them) and Harris, and we had the pleasure of serving as the Big Red Pep Band’s Fall 2022 Conductors. We had a great fall semester with the first normal pep band fall sincScreen Shot 2022-12-07 at 8.12.36 PMe 2019. We enjoyed cheering on soccer, volleyball, basketball, and hockey this fall. Our trip to MSG was lots of fun, besides wiping the floor with UConn (6-0), we got lots of playing time and had a concert to serenade all of NYC with our favorite tunes. The biggest change from the perspective of the conductors this semester was the addition of three new songs to our folder! Catch us playing Mr. Brightside, The Safety Dance, and Dancing Queen at future events. With a band still recovering from covid numbers and distribution wise, we are sounding fantastic! I hope you can come listen to us play somewhere soon!

Handing off the Hard Hat,

Elliot “learning trumpet” Overholt ’23

Harris “celebrating a decade of marching band” Greenstein ’23