Greetings from your 2014 Alumni Relations Chairs

emily-anjum-topWell, we survived the “Polar Vortex” and the “100 Year Winter.” We may have spent a good portion of the semester huddled up in Lynah but never fear; we can finally hear birds and detect no snow, for now. In case you needed another sign that spring was here, it is time for the spring edition of Band Notes! Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Hello, I am Emily Miller. I hail from the small town of Palisade, Colorado. My town is approximately 40 miles away from the Utah border, has fewer people than my Cornell class, but is world renowned for its peaches and wine. I am a Policy Analysis and Management major in the College of Human Ecology. I am also pursuing minors in Inequality Studies and Demography.  I am a proud member, and current section leader, of the only REAL Flute Section in the Ivy League!  When I am not with band, you can find me working with Cornell Dining, or up in my lab doing research on advertising and public health! Marching Band and Pep Band have given me wonderful memories and friends, and I am excited to help keep you all informed of the band’s progress!

And I am Anjum Malik, a double major in Anthropology and Archaeology with a minor in German Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. Pleased to meet you! I come from Islamabad, Pakistan (a.k.a the Land of Far, Far Away) and I give the band an international flavor! My city nestles at the feet of the Margalla Hills and has everything one could ask for…except BAND! Marching Band was a new and exciting thing for me as a freshman. Determined to explore this wacky bunch of frolicking musicians, I enlisted as a novitiate tuba player and began my extraordinary journey in the BRMB. Besides band, I love calling Cornell alumni, especially old bandies, at the Annual Fund, and playing at Indiana Jones when excavating ancient sites. Marching Band introduced me to music-playing and a group of incredible people. Like Emily, I too, am excited to keep you all updated on the band!

We are thrilled to be continuing online Band Notes, and are currently revamping the band website and streamlining how we, the students, communicate with you, the alumni. We are also introducing new content to this edition: a financial update, section blurbs, and a Pep Band Conductor and ShowComm Committee perspective! If you have any questions, please feel free to email Emily at or Anjum at! We hope to see you at Reunion (June 5-8, check our events section!) and look forward to serving as your Alumni Relations Chairs in the fall!

Band Notes and pizza – the perfect way to spend Spring Break!

Band Notes and pizza – the perfect way to spend Spring Break!


Emily Miller ’16 and Anjum Malik ’16.