Give My Regards to the Best and Only Real Marching Band in the Ivy League…

My first interaction with the Big Red Marching Band came in the spring of 2001.  I was an incoming football recruit attending the spring football game.  I was with my Dad prior to the game in the Cornell bookstore.  I had turned down the chance to play at Harvard a few months earlier, despite a strong connection to the school and community pressure to attend.  I knew Cornell was the place for me, but on that spring day in 2001 the Big Red Band completely confirmed it.  My Dad and I were standing in the bookstore (it was probably also during Cornell Days) when suddenly the Band stormed through the doors and marched through the store playing Davy.  I was hooked!

As a player I loved “The Schoellkopf March” as I refer to it – the pregame tradition of the marching band playing and leading the football team to the field prior to the game.  As an assistant coach I developed tremendous respect for the countless hours they band members play on game days, the travel to away games, and the late Tuesday night practices during the season.  And now as the head coach I am so thankful to the Big Red Band for the intense loyal support they show our team through some tough years as we build a championship program.

In my opinion you are the greatest symbol of or university.  Like our academic colleges, you are many different parts (instruments and flags) with different skill sets, that when brought together you create something inspirational and outstanding.  Thank you to members past and present, for your time, tremendous talent, and support of Cornell University!


David Archer ’05

The Roger J. Weiss ’61

Head Coach of Football