Promoting the Band in a New Way

Hi All! This past year, a collaboration was born between two Publicity Chairs and a Historian to create an informational, promotional video for the Big Red Marching Band! Sarah Palmer ’17, Julia Cole ’17, and myself created this video as a way to give potential bandies a better understanding of what it means to JOIN BAND! As Publicity Chairs, Julia and I both encountered several common questions among prefreshmen and transfers alike. Things like … How is the time commitment? Do I need my own instrument? Why should I join band? Can I learn a new instrument? When are rehearsals? And so on. ┬áTogether with Sarah, we wanted to create something to direct attention, as well as to answer some of these questions.

Throughout the Fall Semester we gathered footage of the band at games, rehearsals, and in candid. Together with more formal interviews, we brought the video together this semester. We hoped to get perspectives from members from various sections and years in the band to create a general understanding of what it means to be a BRMB member! There were definitely struggles throughout the journey, but the end product is amazing! Take a look for yourself here:

We are very proud of our work and we hope the band will be able to use this video to attract more band members for many years to come! We hope you all enjoy it too.


Angie Estevez Prada ’17