A Farewell to Alums

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A Red-Letter Homecoming!

Greetings and Salutations Alumni!

This is Anjum and Emily, come to bid you farewell. Our term is drawing to a close and we feel the time is ripe to bring out our handkerchiefs, and get extremely teary-eyed in expressing how much we have enjoyed and cherished our time serving as your Alumni Relations chairs this past year. We loved meeting you and hearing your stories and experiences with the band. We are so glad and proud of the successful transition to the band’s new website and we hope this change to digital communication has been a smooth conversion for everyone. That being said, this transition is still a work in progress, and we welcome any feedback you have. 2015 is nearly at an end and with it, our term in Bandstaph. But never fear, a new generation of Alumni Relations chairs will continue our shining legacy to keep you updated on all the band news. It was a great year, and there are still many more to come!

-Anjum ’16 and Emily ‘16