Important Homecoming Times

Greetings Everyone!

Homecoming is only two days away! Here are some fun band events on the big day which alumni are very welcome to attend and participate in!

Friday, October 17th

Big Red Bands Alumni Association Annual Meeting

  • Where: Kaplan Family Room, Bartels Hall (above the basketball court)
  • When: 3:30 – 4:45 PM
  • What: Band updates, alumni association updates, approval of the budget, and election of new officers

Saturday, October 18th

  • 10:30 am – Morning rehearsal at Alumni Field. Join us in practicing this year’s Homecoming song “Emerald Eyes.” Instruments and music folders can be picked up at the Fischell Band Center.
  • 12:30 pm – The band parades our team from the Statler.
  • 1:05 pm – The band leaves for the Ho Plaza parade.
  •  2:00 pm – Tailgate Concert.

Hope to see you all there!

Anjum & Emily.