Introducing Your 2024 Pep Band Manager!

Hey Alumni!Dubs2024

My name is David “Dubs” Kaprielian, and I’m your 2024 Pep Band Manager! I’m a junior trumpet player hailing from Mahopac, New York, and I’m majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Archaeology! I was Pep Conductor last year, and now I’m looking to help the band out behind the scenes!

Entering this year, the Pep Band is in a fantastic place. Recruitment was immense this year, and we have quite a few freshmen already at the 100-point mark! Almost every hockey game has been filled to the brim, and we’ve even been able to split the band during away trips! I’m excited to keep the good vibes going over the course of this year.

Our schedule this year has been jam-packed so far, especially with away trips. As of me writing this, we’ve played at Harvard, Dartmouth, RPI, and Union, with the NorthCountry trip coming up this weekend! It’s been super awesome getting to play in all sorts of different rinks, and exploring the cities around them. Looking ahead, potential playoff games for both Hockey and Basketball look to add a lot more mileage, the ball keeps rolling!

At home, we’ve had our foot on the gas since before the start of classes! Both the MHockey and WHockey teams have been doing a whole lotta winning with us in attendance, allowing them both to clinch the Ivy Championship! The band sounds fantastic, and nothing is better than blasting España or Through the Fire and Flames in a packed Lynah environment.

We’ve gone to a number of other sports too! Some of my favorites this year were us going to the Club MHockey and WHockey teams’ Senior Games! They really appreciated us being there, and it was a super fun time. We also have been at some Men’s Basketball games, as they surge to the top of the Ivy League, and to Wrestling as they took down #2 Missouri! We’re also looking forward to the onset of Lacrosse Season, and many specialized Davy’s to come.

I’m super excited to get the pep band to as many games as possible, holding strong our traditions, and keeping us sounding spectacular. For all y’all alumni, feel free to stop by and say hi! We’d all love to see ya.

Here’s to another awesome year of Pep!

David “Dubs” Kaprielian ‘25