Notes from Your 2023 Pep Band Conductors

Hi everybody!conduct_bn

We’re Dubs and Catherine, and we’re the Pep Band’s Fall 2023 conductors! It’s been a pleasure to work with the band throughout the semester to sound even bigger and even better while engaging in silly shenanigans. We’ve won all the home games we’ve played for Hockey (except the one from Cambridge that we don’t mention), including the tense Dartmouth 2-2 shootout win, double victory against Minnesota Duluth, and 6-1 victory against Toronto Metropolitan. Our first away trip of the semester was to MSG for Red Hot Hockey, where we played and emerged victorious against BU in a 2-1 win! As of writing this, we have yet to take on Colgate for a nice two-game weekend to wrap up the semester. We also played for a few women’s soccer, field hockey, sprint football, men’s basketball, and women’s hockey games, the latter of which has had an INCREDIBLE season!

We’ve had such a fun semester that flew by so quickly! It’s been great to see rehearsals so full of people looking for a fun place to play some fabulous and funky tunes. Looking forward to a great spring semester for even more wins and excitement!

Peace and happy holidays!

Dubs “Ian Shane is my literal father” Kaprielian
Catherine “shake your silly string cans” Frank