Life Beyond Cayuga’s Waters: Fall 2018 Alumni Beat

image29Gligor Tashkovich (horn ‘85) won an international competition advertised in The Economist magazine to become part of the five-member Committee for the Approval of Investments of the sovereign Macedonian Innovation and Technological Development Fund. In other words, he is a “SharkTank” judge in Macedonia except it’s World Bank and Macedonian Government money and it isn’t televised. So far, they have awarded over 24 million Euros in 2018 to some 100+ companies.




Our Podcast Cover Art!



Gregory Berman (trumpet ‘12) and Amanda Quain (flute ‘13) have started a Disney music podcast that’s fun for the whole family (PG-13)! It’s called Wish Upon a Star. Check us out on Apple Podcasts or Google us!







Katie Shaw rubbing UNH’s Wildcat’s nose



Katie (Shaw) Green (horn ’16) graduated with an M.Ed in Secondary Agricultural Education from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) in May 2018. She’s currently teaching high school animal science in NH and trying to join a community band.






Mark Goldman with his kids, Olivia and Ian




Marc Goldman (trumpet ’90) moved with his family from New York City to Gettysburg, PA, so he could work as Executive Director of the Center for Career Engagement at Gettysburg College. His daughter Olivia, 11, now plays the trumpet, and son, Ian, 9, just started to learn the string bass.







Wedding photo of Amanda and Dustin in the center of Schoellkopf field

Amanda Quain (flute ‘13) and Dustin Tiedemann (sax ‘13) were married on July 14th at Sage Chapel. The wedding was attended by an aggressive amount of bandies, and included flute-ups, “Call Me Al”, a recession to “Pinball Wizard”, and a rousing chorus of the “Alma Mater/Evening Song”.





David Fischell playing playing the piccolo in Lynah



David Fischell (piccolo ‘75) was thrilled to be able to play with the pep band on November 2 for part of the men’s hockey game. And he sends his thanks for the borrowed instrument!




Brian and Shayna with Annabel Brooke at homecoming!



Brian Adelman (tuba ‘09, head manager ‘08) and Shayna (Gerson) Adelman (trumpet ‘10, drum major ‘09) had a daughter, Annabel Brooke, on July 1.




Matthew experimenting in the kitchen




Matthew “Chopper” Weidman (bone ’18) has been experimenting with changes to his delicious quesadilla recipe! He recently tried adding bell peppers to it, but he didn’t like it as much.