Fundraising Update

Without alumni support, the bands would be unable to have so many wonderful opportunities to play, support our teams, and share our Big Red spirit. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped continue the Big Red Bands’ success. Both Phonathon and Giving Day were huge success thanks to your help. During phonathon, we raised over $38,000 for the Bands in two evenings of calling! $20,000 of this was from the first day alone and does not include all of the unspecified gifts we got, which means the number will go up even more! This is an all-time record! Alumni support goes so far to help the band and every gift is greatly appreciated and helps to make the band that much better. Giving Day further contributed to the bands! With the help of over 400 donors, we raised $25,000 for the bands; $5,000 of which was given by athletics for winning a donor challenge! We cannot thank you enough for your unwavering support and making all that the bands do possible
Additionally, our Fundraising Chairs have been hard at work. Caressa Swartz ‘21 and Peter VandeVort ‘21, Pep Band Fundraising Chairs, held a fundraiser at the much loved DP Dough, and raised over $200! We ordered so many calzones that we broke their ovens! Talk about commitment! Calios also reached out to us shortly after and an additional fundraiser will surely follow. There will also be bands merchandise available for purchase soon, so keep an eye on your inbox for more details on that to come in the near future.
Thank you again for your continued support!