A Great Season for Sports and Band from the Pep Band Head Manager

Hello Alumni!
My name is Zach Brothers, and I am incredibly happy to introduce myself as the 2018 Pep Band Manager! I am a sophomore who studies Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering . I am also on the Resistance Racing Engineering Project Team and an Eagle Scout from Cary, North Carolina. In marching band, I am a member of the tuba section (current tuba liaison) and I have previously served as Treasurer for the Pep Band. As you might imagine, being in this manager position has been challenging; however, I love what I do and I have great people helping me along the way. Speaking of which, my conductors, Jordan “Jojo” Greissman ’18 and Kristan “Kajmo” Ajmo ’19, have made my life all the easier with their incredible conducting abilities and their infectious passion and enthusiasm for the Pep Band!
Our Men’s Hockey team has had quite the historical season this year winning the Cleary Cup and the Ivy League Title! During our regular season run this semester, we had three trips to Harvard/Dartmouth, SLU/Clarkson, Union/RPI. All these trips were filled with wins and amazing memories that will last a lifetime. We were even ranked number 1 in the country for some time (the hockey team AND the band of course, since the band always wins). As per tradition with the Clarkson/SLU trip, David Angello, father of the hockey player Anthony Angello ‘19, provided the Pep Band with pizza for the bus ride home. As you can imagine, everyone on the bus was quite happy to receive free food. The Union/RPI trip had the first ever (that I know of) pep band post-game concert. Since our bus bottomed out and we had to wait for the tow truck to arrive, we figured the best way to spend the extra time was to make music with our friends and goof off. Needless to say, we had an absolute blast! Men’s Hockey finished their season as 1st place overall in the ECAC with the previously mentioned Ivy League Title and Cleary Cup. This year, the playoff series took us to Lake Placid, NY and Worcester, MA for the ECAC Championship and NCAA Regionals respectively.
Women’s Hockey has also found a lot of success this season, ending as Ivy League Champions and 3rd place overall in the ECAC! After making it to the ECAC semi-Finals game, our team unfortunately lost when Colgate scored with one second left on the clock. While it wasn’t the desired ending, the women’s team had quite the season and continued to make us proud. We cheered them on all year and backed them with the power of the Big Red Pep Band!
With hockey season coming to an end, our next sporting season is lacrosse. Recently, our packed schedule (and the snow) has prevented us from attending the first few games this season, however we’re excited to support Cornell Lacrosse with the pep band soon. This year, we also want to try to make it to more baseball games for the Big Red. As long as the weather decides to cooperate, we will support our teams because WE ARE THE BEST IN THE IVY LEAGUE!!!!!!!
Please reach out to me (zmb9@cornell.edu) if you are ever back in Ithaca or wherever we travel! We would love to welcome you back to the band that is far above Cayuga’s waters and have you play with us.
Hope to see you soon!
-Zachary Brothers ‘20
4 Head Manager PB