Cornell Alumni Pep Band takes Quinnipiac University by Storm

When NYC/Connecticut area band alumni heard that the student Pep Band wouldn’t be able to travel for the Quinnipiac University Men’s Hockey game due to local Ithaca area performance duties, alums sprang into action to offer support.  Adam Drenkard, Adara Alston, Ali Rodriguez Healy, Andrew Distler, Cameron Glass, Chris Parkin, Danny Parkin, Dave Kelly, Dave Samuels, Emily Isenstein, Evan Holmes, Kathryn Abbott, Kim Gillece, Kim Salsbury, Kyle Preston, Liz Orelup, Louis Widom, Michael Lee, Michael Rosencrantz, Nick Janiga, Peggy Salsbury, Rich Hovorka, Scott Southard and Will Milne were deputized by the Pep Band as official members for November 3rd.  The crew dusted off/dug out their Pep Band shirts, scrounged music and instruments and reported for duty at TD Bank Sports Center in Hamden, Connecticut.

Under the direction of alumni conductor Adam Drenkard, alumni manager Nick Janiga, and alumni assistant manager Kathryn Abbott, the Pep Band cheered the team to a 2-1 victory. A good time was had by all!

alum pep 3