Marching into 2017: Updates from the Head Manager

Hey Alumni! IMG_1429

My name is Kathleen Won, and I am incredibly honored to have the opportunity to be Head Manager of the Big Red Marching Band in 2017! I am a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, double majoring in Government and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I have been a member of the Flute section for two years and was Section Leader last fall semester. I am incredibly excited to lead the Band with Jeff, our new Drum Major, and the rest of Bandstaph this year and to make this experience as wonderful for others as it has been for me thus far.

Our spring season kicked off early in the semester with an event to celebrate the gift to the SC Johnson College of Business. The event was a success and helped spread the Band’s image, and we received praise from Fisk Johnson himself.

The middle of March was truly when the Band was able to begin its spring semester though, with Giving Day and Hotel Ezra Cornell in the same week. Giving Day was over a month earlier this year, on March 14th, and we worked hard to improve the quality of the livestream so that alumni and everyone else watching could enjoy our songs in crisp quality. Members of band braved the winter storm that gave Cornell it’s first snow day in two decades, which just goes to show how much everyone cares about this organization. Following that, we performed for the Hotel Ezra Cornell conference, trying something new with a performance for their evening gala over the weekend.

April was a busy month for the Band, starting off with three dates for Cornell Days, where we paraded and performed in warmer weather and spread Cornell spirit to the Cornell community and incoming students. We also participated again in Cornell’s Bring A Child to Work Day with an educational session for young students.

Spring concert was be April 22nd, at the Farmer’s Market! The weather cooperated and we had a bright and sunny day to play by the water and make some lasting memories.

Although there is still a long ways to go before our Fall season, I am anticipating an exciting time for Band. Homecoming is late this year on October 21st, but around that we are traveling to Yale, Princeton, and Penn(sucks). We are also looking into Pro games to play at, and hopefully, if all works out, we’ll be pulling out our passports for a trip to Canada.

All in all, I couldn’t be more excited for the months to come. I just love band so much, and I’m so happy to be able to give back. I’m looking forward to an incredible year!

- Kathleen Won ’19